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I am running for the BC Green Party in the riding (district) of Burnaby-Lougheed and I am asking you to help out my campaign. The general election in British Columbia is May 9, 2017. I am completely self-financed, in the BC Green Party, we are beholden to no special interests, unlike the BC NDP and the BC Liberal Party. The issues I would champion when elected are pretty simple: jobs, affordable housing, education, the environment and making everybody's voice heard.

Grassroots democracy is what I am all about. It's about time that we all had a voice, not just the rich and powerful.

So if you can, please help me out with a donation. We all remember the positive difference Bernie Sanders was trying to make for Americans.

I will work hard to try and make that kind of difference not just for my home town of Burnaby, but for all of BC and Canada.


Thanks so much - Joe Keithley

If you have time to volunteer, let me know.

DONATE to my campaign.

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Here's the mailing address:

BC Green Party
PO Box 8088 STN Central
Victoria BC
V8W 3R7 Canada

All donations by BC residents will receive a tax credit receipt that will get you up to 75% of your donation back on your taxes. (please see tax credits you would receive at the bottom of this email)

Here are the goals I will work towards:

- Creating jobs by promoting green technology and energy and helping small businesses (they create our jobs, not large multi nationals who have no stake in our community)

- Stopping the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion that will potentially ruin BC's coast, while at the same time promoting "green" energy.

- Democratic Reform, we will limit campaign donations, so the people actually have a voice: $1,000 a year per person, per business, per union. This will help "Cut the Crap" from politicians on the right and left and make them listen to the people.

- Post Secondary education should be a right not a privilege, we will work towards free post-secondary education, starting with those most in need.

- Promote and finance our K-12 public education system, the BC Liberals have been starving our great public education system - Corrupt Christy is promoting private/religious schools, hoping to invoke a voucher system much like Donald Trump.

- Protect our environment. I have travelled all around the world and I can tell you that BC is one of the last non-industrialized, non-polluted, under populated pristine areas in the world. Our sons and daughters will benefit from the economic spin offs from eco-tourism at least a hundred fold over the next 50 - 100 years when compared to potentially disastrous oil, gas and mineral exploitation. We all know that Christy Clark is a shallow opportunist who only gives a crap about power and money, but I also want to point out that BC NDP leader John Horgan has (on public record) changed his mind about the Kinder Morgan pipeline eight times and he has sided with Christy Clark about wasting 10 billion on the Peace River Site C dam, that every expert states is unnecessary and a huge waste of your hard earned tax money.

Twitter: @DOAJoe
Joe Keithley | Facebook:
phone: 604 777 6972

Here's a bit more about myself:

My background is playing in D.O.A. for the past 38 years and managing Sudden Death Records for the past 20 years.I am also a husband and a proud father of three successful grown children and of course I'm a committed environmentalist. I have been an active volunteer coaching youth lacrosse, soccer and baseball in Burnaby. I have organized and performed at over 200 benefit concerts for good and just causes like women's rights, environmental issues, union rights, first nations rights, as well as events against war, racism and weapons proliferation. I have also staged many benefit events for our local food banks.

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